Thursday, 2 September 2010

A quick little memo for anyone interested!

Just a quick little memo for you all, full length post on its way later on today. I just wanted everyone to know (If anyone reads this thing) that leave your blog links in my comments and subscribe to me through google connect and if you do those two things I shall reciprocate your actions in return as a show of my gratitude.
Hopefully you will take this opportunity to raise your followers and in turn "hopefully" raise mine, the 1 follower on the left isn't very exciting at the moment... so spread happiness for me!
Rant finished.

  1. Leave your blog link on my comments under this blog post.
  2. Follow me through google connect... The box to your right.
  3. I will leave my link under your comments and follow you in return.
Please leave a comment below, I look forward to some input... I need social interaction!!! Twitter account:
(Tweet for me minions - MWAHAHAHA!)

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