Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What does that word mean?

satirical |səˈti(ə)rikəl| (also satiric |-ˈti(ə)rik|)adjectivecontaining or using satire a New York-based satirical magazine.• (of a person or their behavior) sarcastic, critical, and mocking another's weaknesses.
Stupidly, yet again I did not check the meaning of satirical before choosing my blog name, if I had, satirical would not be in my blog name. The joys of the dictionary. Sigh!I'm not here to mock your weaknesses, Stupidly I have agreed that i'm here to mock myself for the benefit and perhaps amusement of others. Yet again if I had checked the dictionary, making a fool of myself would have been an unnecessary action. Before anyone asks, I know the meaning of unnecessary. (Thank you trusted thesaurus, I can count on you for help) 
This blog is centered around writing, publishing and any other realms of my imagination that you want to prod your dirty fingers into. Please don't take offense, I assume you all wash your hands. If you don't shame on you!!! The soapy hand fairy is looking down on you in shame.Anyhow despite scowling mythical beasts and random dictionary checking I have an important topic to discuss. Unfortunately I cannot be bothered to write much more, my keyboard keeps screaming at me to stop and to be truthful it's driving me insane. Stay tuned for a  little post about 'Research'. It can be fun, unfortunately for you lot I don't want it to be, Enjoy!
Please feel free the leave a comment or question, I will respond. Post about research coming very soon. Please follow my blog and twitter. Link below: you!

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