Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Slush Piles - Killing Myself From Boredom

Welcome back, I have been summonded by my computer to notify ye all that now you can experience the slush pile. The word slush pile instills fear into all our hearts, it has good reason to... after experiencing a virtual slush pile via Pagetofame, I can no kill myself from boredom. This is the link to the site where you can sign up and then rate people's creative jottings, their success is in your hands. If your ever having a bad day then you can purposely fight anger with low ratings... OK I'm not being serious, that would be incredibly unfair but If you want to take over the world via then so it be.

You can also submit your scribblings to this site for a small fee of $3.00 or something along that price tag, for that price you get the chance of a book deal and people debating how crap your writing skill is, its all for a good cause. Apparently.
Some random stick woman is flaunting her manuscript... GRRR (Why are all the stick people successful?)

From this diagram you can see there are 3 rounds to complete before a literary agent reveiws your magical stylings.
  1. Round one: You rate 1 page of a particular manuscript, after a while this gets very tedious but there are some really good beans within this tin.
  2. Round Two: You are then permitted to rate 5 pages of a random manuscript, basically the same as above but requires a little bit more effort.
  3. Round Three: Shamefully I will never attempt this, I cannot sit at a computer reading 50 pages of said manuscript, I would thrust my head against the computer screen in pain as the evil screen burns its way into my eyes... Tut Tut!!!
I'm not going to rant about this as it is best to experience this magical slush pile of virtual goodness yourself. After awhile I found it lost its initial appeal but Its a clever and well crafted idea for many writers who would struggle to get their unsolicited manuscripts read.
Please leave a comment below, I look forward to some input... I need social interaction!!!
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Rant over - Peace.

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